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Fast Turn Around On Your Handpieces

When we receive your handpieces we will repair and send them back or deliver to you them within 24-48 hours some slow speed and electrics take the 48 hours but most often it is with in the 24 hours for all handpieces. We offer free pick-up and delivery within a 10 mile radius of our shop.

Request a free mailing label, work order and box, or just use any small box you have, print the free Business Reply label, and the work order from our website, and then give them to your local USPS mail person for delivery to our shop!!

Excellent Warranty


All handpieces are repaired to manufacture 

specifications. We offer a 3-12 month 

warranty and OEM parts are available upon request. The length of the warranty depends upon the service and repair of the handpiece. We will provide warranty options when you receive your estimate.  

Handpiece Maintenance

We offer a FREE handpiece maintenance class for your staff within a 10 mile radius. High Speed and Slow Speed handpieces require different maintenance, let us teach your staff.  

Handpiece Maintenance is important to the proper function of your handpieces. Protect your handpiece investment. The lack of proper maintenance is the #1 cause of handpiece failure. Would you like to save money? 

24 Hour Turn Around
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