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02/21/2018 - Comfort Dental OMAHA

Im very happy with the decision I made a few years ago to switch to The Dentists Choice for everything handpiece related. They are always willing to go above and beyond the help me with any questions I have (and I always have a lot of questions). Patty, especially, is always very sweet, and in the rare instance that she doesnt immediately know an answer to a question I have, she always calls or texts me back very quickly with the answer. Their prices are very good as well, and more importantly, I can always trust them to do right by me, and I never feel like they are trying to sell me something I dont need. I highly recommend them. 

Dr. Ryan Young

02/23/2018 - Comfort Dental WHEAT RIDGE

Dear Comfort Dental Doctors, 
We started using Dentists Choice approximately 2 years ago and have seen a significant decline in repairs to our handpieces. We were spending anywhere between $1,500 to $2000 dollars a month just on repairs. Our costs now are down to anywhere between $200 to $500 dollars a month! Because we are within the 10 mile radius, we get personal pick-up and drop off as well as turn around time is the very next day! I highly recommend Dentists Choice over any repair service out there. You will not be disappointed. 



02/06/2018 - Comfort Dental NORTH ARVADA

To Dentists Everywhere! We've been using The Dentist's Choice for our handpiece repair for some time now. We have seen our handpiece repairs last longer than Pro Repair, and the turn-around time is much quicker. I can't give any higher recommendation!! 


Scott Tidwell DDS

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